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One of the key aspects of marketing is researching your competition and one way to do this is to find out who is hosting the competing site. Now, this is not at all difficult to do because there are domain hosting checkers here. It is an SEO tool that lets you view specific website information, including their name server, website host and IP address, among others. By looking for information on your competitor’s site you can learn the basics of what you know about your market.

Importance of Domain Hosting Checker Tool

So when researching competing sites, you don’t have to think twice but you can use Domain Hosting Checker, a tool you can use to check the hosts of your competing websites. In this case, you may want to use a checker that allows you to monitor specific information and even the activities of your competition. If you want to make your marketing efforts effective, one of the best tools to check and do this for you is a domain hosting tester that lets you see what others are doing wisely.

Why would you use Domain Hosting Checker?

Except these great features and functions mentioned above, the tool is so easy to use that it does not require any installation. When you use the tool, you don’t have to spend time just using any software. The reason is that Domain Hosting Tester is an online-based tool that lets you check the URL of any website and see its hosting service instantly. And since it’s online-based, you can check anywhere online. In this case, you can use it at any time while checking for any website and their hosting companies if you are connected online.

How to use Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool?

No additional skills are required to using this tool.

To use the tool, you just need to take the following two steps:
Step #1: You need to fist enter domain name
Step #2: Then click the SUBMIT button.